Computer and electronics recycling and disposal in Yorkshire
Computer and electronics recycling and disposal in Yorkshire
Computer and electronics recycling and disposal in Yorkshire
Computer and electronics recycling and disposal in Yorkshire

Computer Repairs in Castleford, Pontefract and Airedale

Here to help; Ian, Jon and Alistair

Computer and Laptop Repairs are a major part of what we do and we have highly qualified and experienced computer repair technicians to help you with your computing problems.

Our technicians built the computers that designed the Olympic Village in London and also the Olympic shooting ranges.

Chief Technician Alistair has a degree in computer science and Jon has 2 degrees. Ian has several qualifications and is extremely knowledgable in modern tech.


Using a National Retail Comparrison of actual repair shops, we charge among the lowest in the UK for repairs. Our turnaround for repairs is usually just 1 or 2 days (unless parts are ordered).


Inspection and diagnostics work taking up more than 20 minutes of a technicians time will be charged at £10.  Small software installs and minor configuration issues are charged at a basic cost of £10.  Minor upgrades such as matching and fitting memory upgrades or fitting a new PSU costs around £10.


Removing viruses and malware can cost up to £35. Most hardware and software repairs can be accomplished for no more than £45.  Upgrading the motherboard or rebuilding your system in a new case costs just £25 plus parts.


A full format and reinstall costs £45. We wipe the hard drive clean and start a fresh install of Windows and programs. This is the cure for most troublesome software problems and serious virus infestations.

If you need backups of your data first we do this where possible and it's free for the first 5Gb then it costs £10 above 5Gb.



We usually install a 3 months free trial of  Bullguard Internet Security where there is no other anti virus protection on a machine.

We undertake most laptop repairs such as screen or keyboard replacement, wifi and hard drive problems and many other types of repair. 

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in MALicious softWARE known as MALWARE. If this gets into your computer and spreads before you even realise that it's there, then a format and reinstall is often the preferred option as it can be quicker (and cheaper for you) than spending hours picking out each little bit.

We take on all manner of computer repairs. We even stoop to retrieving credit cards from floppy drives. This is not the way to pay for your online shopping! lol ...and we promise not to laugh when you ask for a card reader to be fitted to your computer instead. Talk to us. Whatever your computer repair problem is, don't worry, we've heard it all before. Our techies can talk geek when required but are also comfortable with down to earth language as well.  

Note: Computers must be collected promptly whether repaired or not. We have very limited storage space and will keep uncollected computers for no more than 90 days and then we reserve the right to dispose of them at our discretion. We charge a monthly fee of £30 per month for storage for anything left more than 30 days.

We don't do callouts as we don't have sufficient staff, however, we have 3 retail computer shops in Pontefract, Castleford and Airedale, with highly skilled technicians to take care of all your repairs. Our customers travel from all over West Yorkshire including the Five Towns areas of Pontefract, Castleford, Knottingley, Normanton and Featherstone, along with Wakefield, Selby, Hemsworth, Upton, South Elmsall and Badsworth to name but a few.

We must be doing something right when people are willing to travel to us.


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(Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-4)



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01977 736287 WAREHOUSE

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