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We donate IT equipment to many local, national and overseas charities and community organisation

All profits are donated to Chrysalis Youth & Community Project a charity registered with the Charity Commission No 1066871 to achieve its charitable aims and objectives

u3a University of the 3rd Age

The University of the Third Age is an international movement whose aims are the education and stimulation of mainly retired members of the community. we wanted to help u3a's cause so we provided them with both projectors and computers.

Crusader - The Forgotten Heroes

We are always happy to help support our forces however possible so we decided to donate to our local crusaders, we provided them with a computer system and printer to aid them in fulfilling their aim of supporting the armed forces past and present, taking into consideration their disabilities and lifestyle challenges they may face upon adapting to life outside the forces.

Featherstone Town Council - Food Bank

When we got word that a local food bank needed a computer we were more than happy to provide them with the perfect solution.. a laptop, The laptop has since become vital to their cause as it is now used to keep up-to-date information for families who are struggling in this current economic climate, it is also used to help ensure the food bank is Data Protection compliant. We have since been told that without this help, their tasks would have been made more than difficult, and once again it is thanks to Airedale Computers.

Wakefield Express - MMS Wakefield Newsletter

After hearing of a computer breaking down within Wakefield MMS we helped them out by recovering all there data that was stuck on the broken machine, this included all the info for the MMS Wakefield Newsletter.

Keighley Sea Cadets

This unit of highly shipshape cadets is well worth sinking a few computers into.

Wakefield Sea Cadets

It was almost 10 years ago when we had our shop in Wakefield that I came across the Wakefield Branch of the Sea Cadets (see photo at bottom of this page). They came to us recently and we donated a bunch of more modern computers to replace their last ones. They lasted well though.

Brunswick Centre

Jamie donated a projector to Emma Hodson for the Brunswick Center in Huddersfield which is a registered charity providing HIV support and HIV prevention services across Calderdale and Kirklees.

Phoenix Health and Wellbeing

Phoenix Health and Wellbeing based in Leeds provide valuable support to people with chronic mental and physical health issues. They fund this support by offering high-quality counselling and complementary therapy treatments from their centre in Oxford Chambers Leeds. “The computers supplied by Airedale Computer Recycling will help us in running our booking and monitoring systems,” said Gill Trevor, Director

Pollington Airfield Memorial Garden

Renée Ounsley runs the gardens and organised the reunion of Squadron 51 from all over the world. She was having difficulties with her computer so we flew in with a replacement for her.

Pontefract Licorice Fair

A while ago we set John on the right lines with a computer so he could advertise his service to charity galas, where he sets up his train & track and gives rides to kids and their parents with the proceeds going to charity. Here he is at last year's Liquorice Fair in Pontefract.

The Sound of Music

Musician Brian Howe aged 80 retired from playing the church organ recently after 30 years of service to the Trinity Methodist Church in Castleford. It seems that organists are few and far between now that working men's clubs no longer employ them, as singers and artists have their digitised backing tracks. Will the church have to play hymns CDs through a stereo system?
No! Local Social Enterprise Airedale Computer Recycling came to the rescue and donated a refurbished laptop and with the help of a special music program, the church organ now plays itself and the church is again filled with that rich wonderous sound that only a church organ can make. Kathryn Stainburn, churchwarden said, “On Saturday, several people came in through the side door of the church when they heard the music, to congratulate the organist on beautiful playing and were stunned to find that the church organ was being controlled by a computer!”
Airedale Computer Recycling often makes donations of computer equipment to local good causes and their Development Manager Keith Sorrell said “It’s great to be able to help in such a way and now the fabulous music can continue”.

Kidz in Kampz

We usually help local charities and organisations but occasionally someone local is doing something good further afield and we like to help where we can. There are thousands of orphaned kidz in kampz across Burma. We donated a computer to the group that is trying to place them in homes.

Iraq Orphanage

Many children were orphaned or displaced during the fighting in Iraq and we pitched in with a computer for the charity Human Fils to help.

Castleford Army Cadets

A well-turned-out detachment of recruits in Castleford

Thorne Sea Cadets

The TS Gambia unit in Thorne needed help with their good work so we shipped them a couple of computers.

Westfield Food Bank

This group in South Elmsall set up a much-needed food bank and we fed them with a computer so they could contact all the food places to get their excess food stocks.

Yorkshire Archaeological Society

They needed to digitise some of their work for future generations so we dug up a computer for them.

Blood bikes

With its roots going back over half a century, the concept of a rapid response motorcycle-based charity, run by unpaid volunteers has an impressive track record. We were more than happy to wheel in a computer for this good cause.

Castleford Air Training Core

Always a good cause when they instill discipline and a sense of worth into youngsters.
I’m sure there will be a few high flyers here.

A School in Nepal

Our local Fire Station Commander who is also the Scoutmaster took some scouts to Nepal to help out at a school, we sent them on their travels with some laptops for the school. Now a remote region can join in the worldwide community.

The Ark - Charity Shop

We heard about the volunteers who run the charity shop in Leeds struggling to contact their customers to get donations in so we donated a laptop for them to ease the load.

Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

The Foundation was created to provide a service to help victims, perpetrators, young people, children and families through domestic abuse and aggressive and conforming behavior. We helped with IT equipment.

The Pontefract Family Centre

Donation of electronic goods.

The Crossgates Methodist Church
Donation of electronic goods.

The Grove

Residents of The Grove Nursing Home in Knottingley were delighted with a donation of an A3 Colour Laser Printer to help their residents with dementia to create LifeBooks to help them remember events in their lives.


Debra is a national charity working on behalf of people in the UK with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). This was an itch we had to scratch with a computer for their local fundraising office.

Sesku Martial Arts

SESKU (South Kirby, South Elmsall & Upton) Martial Arts Centre teaches kids the disciplines of the arts. We assumed the position and promptly conceded a PC for their centre.

Help 4 Heros Concert

This group raised a lot of money for Help4Heros by holding a charity concert. We stayed in tune with them by donating a computer for their raffle.

Ripple Drug Abuse Clinic

RIPPLE is a drug and alcohol abuse clinic that provides accommodation, treatment, and advice. Have one on us.

Proteus Syndrome

Malma is a little girl aged just 6 years old who has a rare genetic disorder called Proteus Syndrome where limbs can be severely deformed resulting in a half man – half tree effect. Only 200 people have ever been diagnosed with this and 160 of them are alive and living with it. Thank goodness Malma is not as bad as the person in this publicity photo. We are happy to help raise awareness for this.

Hamara Health Clinic

Hamara has grown to be the largest ethnic minority organisation in the voluntary and community sector in Leeds. Information and Advice, Health Promotion / Education, Older people services, women's Activities, Sports and Exercise, Youth Services, Community Cohesion, and Training Programmes are all key facets of its work. Don’t know how they all fit along with our computer in that tiny hut though.


Soldiers, Seamen & Air Force Association needed a computer to help and support those who serve in our Armed Forces and those who used to serve – even if it was only for a single day. They also care for the families of both and helped to make a real difference to many lives. We didn’t fight this request.

Askern Air Cadets

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets need computers to complete their studies.

Knottingly Air Cadets

Askern Squadron whom we donated a couple of computers to recently mentioned our service to Knottingely ATC. With over 1,000 squadrons across the UK, we get a few requests, and several computers also flew into the Knottingley Squadron

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is a theatre company that works with homeless people in Leeds. They are a small Voluntary Organisation that devises plays with people who have experienced of homelessness and then tours those plays
This is a promotional picture from their tour, “Plague”, in which they played zombies playing a family breaking down. A computer will help them write and publicise their work

South Elmsall Air Cadets

The 23rd Squadron photographed here on board a Wellington Bomber needed a computer to complete their online certification processes. We’ll help anyone with such high ambition.

Castleford Town FC

The under-8s needed a new football strip, so we kicked the idea around and scored points by donating a very nice computer for them to raffle to raise funds.

Aspergers Adults

This Leeds-based charity has a music project. Young people on many levels of the autistic spectrum can display a artistic or creative talent, so we didn’t flap about donating a computer for them.

Swan Rescue Hospital

The guys who run the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital came to us for a computer to help with their increased workload. We didn’t duck this request.


Castleford & Normanton Majorettes were the recipients of some IT equipment to help show off their major talent.

Sea Cadets

Wakefield Sea Cadets have been running for 62 years and we just got around to shipping them several computers to help keep their shipmates shipshape

BBC Children in Need

Every year we support several fundraisers for this appeal. Usually by donating a nice refurbished computer as a raffle prize. We can bear it.

Air Ambulance

When the premises for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance were broken into, they had their laptop computer stolen, we didn’t hover on the fence, we pitched in to help.

Motor Home Convoy

30+ motor home owners gave up their summer holidays to take collected goods to 3 children's homes in Croatia. We sent several computers for this very special house call.


CTPLUS CIC is a Community Interest Company, that gives part of its profits back into the community to help out underprivileged people with reduced hire and also runs the access bus service providing a needy service for the elderly to be able to get out of the house and enjoy some socialising with the community. Tickets, please.

Ackworth Heritage Group

They promised not to do a calender so we helped them out with a computer for their good work in the community

Stonham Housing Trust

They help with assisted tenancies to enable people to manage their household. Worth a few computers to keep them all safe we thought.

All Saints Church Youth Project

Their project in Pontefract needed a couple of computers to help them with local youth so we happily loaded their bus.


Beancroft Legion Of Neighbour Delegation is a resident's community support group, so we did the neighborly thing.

The Old Quarry Adventure Playground

They asked for some computers to help with advertising their adventure playground. We played along.


They are a non-profit making organisation that helps people with HIV. A worldwide problem so we were proud to be able to help

KMutuple Sclerosis Society

They are the UK’s largest charity for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) – about 85,000 people in the UK. A donation of multiple computers is the least we can do for them.

Foundation Housing

We occasionally help assisted tenancies through housing associations and this time it was the turn of Foundation Housing in Leeds. No roof but Windows on this computer.

SRI Lankan Cancer Hospital

Sarah Burke, a medical student at Leeds University went to Sri Lanka to do research into a new cancer pain management therapy as part of her degree and needed a laptop computer to work with. The GCI Hospital in Maharagama is the only place that offers cancer care in all of Sri Lanka. With our blessing, Laura donated our laptop to the hospital after completing her work to help relieve the pain in their admin.

Air Training Cadets

based in South Elmsall near Pontefract received a couple of computers to help them keep the flag aloft.

ST Giles Wakefield

We usually try to help LOCAL charities and groups with free computers, but as John Hopwood is a long-standing customer at Airedale Computers, we decided to help further afield. John is a member of the Wakefield Diocese which sends out computers and sewing machines among other things to the Mara Diocese in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world. They now have a computer school where they teach the skills for employment.

Wakefield Sea Cadets

This branch of the Sea Cadets has been running for over 62 years so it was about time we gave them some computers to help their young people. Several of them came with their fearless leader to collect their booty.

Airedale School Summer Gala

The school held a competition to raise funds during their summer gala and we donated a hot prize.

Make a Wish Foundation

They make wishes come true for terminally ill kids and one of them wished for a computer. Our work experience students did all the work and met with the foundation's mascot. (he’s not small, he’s kneeling)

Crofton Nursery Group

collected a computer for their group to help the kids get ready for school. We set the alarm function for them.


is a rock band that plays for charity. We thought we’d play along with a computer to advertise the band.

…and many, many more
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