Laptop Repairs

We undertake most laptop repairs such as screen or keyboard replacement, wifi and hard drive problems and many other types of repair. 

Here is a list of some of the laptops repairs we take on...


                 Keyboard Replacement

                 Memory Replacement

                 Hard Drive Replacement

                 Optical Drive Replacement

                 Wifi Card Replacement

                 Screen Replacement

                 Fan diagnostics

                 Miscellanies Hardware Diagnostics

                 Miscellanies Software Diagnostics

                 System Reinstall

                 Data Recovery

                 System Optimisation

                 Power Button Diagnostics

                 Black Screen of Nothingness diagnostics

                 Power Issues

                 Trackpad diagnostics



There are a lot of different problems that a laptop could have, literally thousands, and if your laptops doing something strange it can often be hard to understand why and what caused it, When we take on your laptop repair we will take down as much information regarding your issue as possible. After its booked in if the cause if the issue is unknown we'll run Diagnostics and track down the cause, in a lot of cases random glitchy behaviour is a RAM issue and random crash and slow behaviour is a HDD Issue.. but it could be a software problem instead, thats why its important that we test everything and make sure we know exactly what were dealing with before we start repairs. once we have found the issue we will contact you and let you know if its going to be a pricey repair, if it is a fairly simple repair then we'll commit the repair and contact you for collection, you will be told exactly what the issue was when you come to collect your machine and charged fairly.


if you have any questions then leave a question

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01977  736283

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Recent News:


Feb 2020

Windows 7 has come to an end!

Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows 7 from Tuesday so that it can focus on "newer technologies". As a result, Windows 7 users will no longer receive the all-important security updates and patches that keep their machines safe.  Keep Reading...


Jan 2020

Bad Rabbit Ransomware.

The latest strain of ransomware “Bad Rabbit” began spreading across Russia and Ukraine yesterday, there have also been various reports of “Bad Rabbit” infections in Turkey, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, Poland, South Korea and the United States. Keep Reading...


Dec 2019

Microsoft Release XP Update to ward off next NHS Attack.

Remember the encryption virus  called  "Wannacry" that hit 75,000 computers and nearly devastated the NHS last month......?  Well there's 3 more on the way, called "EsteemAudit, ExplodingCan, and EnglishmanDentist" which have been released by the same Shadow Brokers hacker group. Keep Reading...


Nov 2019

Your Antivirus May Be Letting

You Down.

The best way to avoid a computer virus is by using common sense, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be safe from attack. Even the most careful user can find themselves infected in an instant and spreading the virus faster than a sneeze in flu season. It’s why antivirus software is still the first package we install on all systems – because you never know when you’ll be attacked. But should you choose free or paid antivirus?

. Keep Reading...


Oct 2019

Yes, We have a shop in Airedale.

We had 3 people in one day that stated they did not know we actually had a shop at the computer recycling centre on Stansfield Road in Airedale, so I posted a few pics and here's a simple youtube video of the computer display.  Keep Reading.. 



Sep 2019

Is Your Laptop Running Slow?

Then let our technicians perform the ultimate speed-up. We can remove your laptops slow hard drive and fit it into a caddy, that can then be used as your backup drive, by plugging it into any usb port.   Keep Reading..


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